Who Owns Winnebago?

Winnebago Industries is a reputable North American manufacturer of outdoor lifestyles, offering refreshing efficiency, unparalleled customer service, and creativity driven by its brand family. Its headquarters is in Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, and Florida. The company produces the best quality motorhome, passenger trailers, fifth wheel products, and boat facilities. Their common stock is traded under the symbol WGO on the Bourse of New York. In accordance with the laws of the State of Iowa, Winnebago Industries was founded in 1958 by John J. Hanson, and it is still headquartered there up to date.

Winnebago is a firm that really concentrates on its product’s customer experience and has made outdoor adventure a prosperous community.

The WIT Club is available for anyone who owns a Winnebago. Winnebago’s 16,000 Participants will participate in sponsored activities to meet other owners and even collectively visit Winnebago’s exclusive WIT lifestyle events.

Winnebago’s WIT Club membership includes a custom-tailored metal license plate, a monthly e-newsletter subscription that will let you know about events and news and access to social activities, as well as discounts on traveling via Winnebago Outdoor Adventures.

Winnebago Outdoor Adventures is a Winnebago-Fantasy RV Tours collaboration that acts as a guided tour service for Winnebago owners to enter into professional guided vacation destinations such as the Fiesta Balloons, Mexico City, and the Glacier National Park.

Why Winnebago

The name Winnebago stands for outstanding excellence and consistency, and creativity across the globe. Winnebago has been a leading maker of motorhomes, caravans, and campers from his home in Brisbane, Australia. When you purchase from Winnebago Apollo Tourism & Leisure, you are not buying from a family business, from a public company, but a publicly-traded company.

Winnebago concentrated on motorhomes for many decades and raised the bar to the quality of living facilities. However, an increase in camping between young people and active adults leads to a great revival of towables. A generation that values things wants inexpensive, portable models that help unplug them while preserving modern comforts and digital connections.

Winnebago has therefore returned to its roots while remaining firm in motorhomes, placing smart design and development in a whole line of packed trailers features. After six decades, the RV Visionary remains a leading innovator, offering the latest RVer exceptional job, play, and travel choices.

Reasons why people choose Winnebago

Results-driven: The team of the organization focuses on market leadership and predictable financial outcomes. They provide an improved, healthy work environment for their workers and superior returns to shareholders through a preference for critical thought and execution.

Customer-centric: The reason it exists is the customers of the company. They understand their unsatisfied needs and care deeply. In every field of the company, their efforts to increase customer ownership experience are prevalent.

Innovative: The company team is committed to striving the frontiers to create innovative and differentiated solutions every day. Internally, they will consistently reinvent their processes to improve and exceed every client’s expectations continuously.

Quality focused: They aspire to set the quality standards in their industries and operate on these excellence levels every day. In everything they do, they insist on doing it the first time.

Trusted: They will always act with the utmost dignity, faith, and respect. Their code of conduct will be upheld. In the communities in which their workers live and work, they aspire to be good ambassadors.

Collaborative: They genuinely care about each other. They operate in high-performance teams that are collectively accountable. They are looking for workers with strong and varied skills who work well together to achieve results.


Winnebago is excellent for its services and products. It is a community spanning more than half a century. It is an owner group striving for endless adventure. It is a group of craftspeople who weld, stitch, and polish any vehicle which enables these adventures. This growing culture is at the center of everything they do.

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